Music of Hope

Music of HopeMusic of Hope

Tim Janis created “Music of Hope,” with the goal of benefiting and bringing awareness to important causes through music, film, and performance. “Music of Hope” benefits many causes and has a strong focus on children and youth.

The Story
The journey to creating “Music of Hope,” was inspired by composer Tim Janis when his music began to receive wide recognition with his CD entitled Music of Hope, which was a fundraising CD for the American Cancer Society and has been used as music for oncology patients. This CD reached number one on Billboard Magazine’s classical chart in 2001. Tim worked on the CD with artists like Sir Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, Ray Charles, Andre Previn, Emanuel Ax, Maya Angelou, the New York Philharmonic and London Symphony Orchestra.

Composer, Producer, and performer, Tim Janis is a story of a deep belief in the power of creating music that can heal and bring peace on a global level. With 2 No. #1 Billboard charting CDs in Classical and Classical Crossover, 5 National Public Television Specials, and 10 Billboard Charting CDs, composer Tim Janis has worked with some of the top artists in the music and entertainment business — from Sir Paul McCartney, Sir James Galway, Billy Joel, Sarah McLachlan and Ray Charles, to George Clooney, Dick Van Dyke, James Earl Jones, Jane Seymour, and Kate Winslet.

Tim went on to record and perform in South Africa with Sinikithemba, an all-female, all HIV-positive choir that spreads a unifying message in the midst ofAfrica’s AIDS crisis. He has also, in conjunction with the U.S. State Department, brought his music to Eastern Europe as a gesture of goodwill and philanthropy. Shortly thereafter, Tim and actor George Clooney collaborated on the Beautiful America public television special. This special raised over two million dollars in donations during its broadcast. Tim then brought his musical message to Mainland China with a series of concerts, and back to Africa later in 2005 in collaboration with the humanitarian organization Church World Service for Kenya’s School Safe Zones Project. The goal of this project was to improve primary school education in Africa. Some of his recent works include his American Christmas Carol PBS special with James Earl Jones. Former First Lady Barbara Bush narrated Tim’s first children’s story Shine Like a Lighthouse, proceeds went to benefit The National Foundation of Cancer Research. Tim has written a new program entitled In Room Symphony, which plays throughout hospitals across America on Telehealth’s Tigr systems.

In 2008 Tim created Celebrate America, a program designed to feature 1,000s of high-school students and music educators from across America performing on Public Television. To date Celebrate America, has had over 22,000 students on the program, including Jackie Evancho from “America’s Got Talent.

Tim’s annual Christmas Carnegie Hall performances have been dedicated to supporting and benefiting charities.